Workout at home without additional equipment for all muscle groups

Workout at home without additional equipment for all muscle groups

Workout at home without additional equipment for all muscle groups
Workout at home without additional equipment for all muscle groups

Don't have the time or opportunity to go to the gym? No problem! The main desire! You can practice at home. Training without equipment  also gives good results. Our exercise program will help you stay in shape and tone your muscles without going to the fitness center.

The main goal is to train regularly. Then the result will be noticeable. We set aside a few days a week for training. It is also advisable to focus on certain hours, such as studying in the morning to develop a habit. The ideal time would be when no one is home, which means no one will interfere during a workout. Before class, it is also better to move the phone so as not to be distracted by calls and messages in instant messages.

Strength training without equipment  should begin with a warm-up that will warm up the muscles. After a set of strength exercises you need to do cooling, ie stretching exercises. The workout itself will usually take about an hour. Initially, three sessions per week will suffice, after which the number of workouts can be increased to five.

Strength training without equipment  in the initial stage will only require you to have sports clothes and shoes and a bottle of water. The home training program for men without equipment  includes several basic exercises. These are push-ups, squats, twists, etc. Together they give a circular load to all muscle groups. Training at home for men without equipment  may initially be without the use of extra weight, for the load, your own body weight will be enough. In the future, it is advisable to add weights.


Training without equipment  begins  with a warm-up. Includes running on the spot, jumping rope, squatting, twisting the body. On average, the warm-up takes 5 to 10 minutes. It is important to warm all muscle groups well to avoid injuries and sprains.

First exercise: push-ups with arms raised

We take a lying position. The body is upright, the pelvis does not sag. Bending our elbows, we descend to the floor, then straighten our arms. Rising, we first detach the right hand from the floor and touch the left shoulder with it. We put our hand on the floor. Lift the left and touch her right shoulder. Touching the shoulder in this exercise can be replaced by lifting the arm with the elbow pulled back (or raising the arm and the opposite leg). Such an exercise during a  workout at home without equipment  loads the chest muscles, and also uses the triceps and back delta.

Repeat:  15-20 times.

Exercise 2: Bending in an upright position

We stand up straight. Hands behind head, palms on nape. Legs shoulder width apart. Bending down, we bend the left knee and reach it with the right elbow, twisting the body. At the moment of twisting we pause, freezing for a few seconds. Then the same for the left arm and right knee. And so in turn. These  homemade workouts for men without iron  will make your hair and squares.

Repeat:  15-20 times.

Third exercise: squats

Legs shoulder-width apart, back straight, legs slightly bent at the knees. We do squats until the knees should go beyond the socks. We return to the starting position, we do not fully straighten our legs. During the exercise you can keep your hands in front of you or on the back of your head. The hips and buttocks are strengthened.

Repeat:  20 times .

Exercise 4: Plank

The classic board can be supplemented with twists. The emphasis on the arms, body and legs is right. Exhale the knee, pull the knee forward towards the body. As you inhale, lower your legs to their original position. The home training plan for men without equipment  may also include push-ups in this exercise - for the more advanced.

Repeat:  20 times on each leg.

Fifth exercise: strikes

Legs shoulder-width apart, arms at belt. We take a step forward, bending the knee. The angle is right, the knee should not protrude beyond the toe. When bending, the foot should not touch the floor. We get up, change legs and so on. This exercise is a good endurance workout. The thigh muscles are strengthened.

Repeat:  10 attacks on each leg.

Sixth exercise: push-ups

We put a load not only on the biceps, but also on the triceps. We rest our hands on the back of the sofa or bed. With our feet we focus on the heels. We lower the body, bending the elbows at right angles. In this case, the body remains in weight, does not touch the floor. Then we straighten our arms again, lifting the body.

Repeat:  15-20 times.

Exercise 7: Raise your arms and legs

We lie on our stomachs. Stretch straight arms forward. Slowly at the same time we take our hands and feet off the floor, lifting them up. Look in front of you. We pause, lower our limbs. This exercise works well on the back muscles.

Repeat:  15-20 times.

Strength training without equipment  includes several sets of each exercise. Beginners can start with two approaches. For the more advanced 4-5 laps are needed. Also, those who train for a long time can increase the number of repetitions in the exercise. The break between each tour is a few minutes.

And of course, in order for  training at home without equipment for men to  give results - strengthening muscle mass and burning body fat - in addition to exercise, you must follow a diet.