Tuna sandwich

Tuna sandwich

Tuna sandwich
Сандвич с риба тон

Office workers are often faced with the problem that it is quite difficult to provide a tasty and "correct" breakfast during working hours. In addition, athletes do not always have one meal (lunch) for the long nine hours of the working day.

Given that not all offices allow to heat food brought from home, there are only options with snacks and various sandwiches. Apples and bananas are not always good, as they only raise blood sugar levels and whet your appetite without satisfying your hunger.

Sandwich ingredients

Ingredients that will be needed to prepare a sandwich: canned tuna, canned in its own juice pieces; spoon of olive oil; hard boiled egg; three sprigs of asparagus, lettuce, pickles; two thin slices of dark bread and a little mayonnaise.

Remember that you can experiment and make different versions of the tuna sandwich - add tomatoes, pine nuts, grated cheese, peppers and much more. In fact, everything is limited only by your imagination and choice in the store.

How to make a sandwich?

First drain the liquid from the can of tuna, then season with a tablespoon of olive oil and mash thoroughly with a fork until smooth. Do not use tuna in oil, as in most cases the most useful is not used.

Boil the egg, mash it with a fork and mix with the tuna. Either steam the asparagus for a sandwich for a few minutes, or boil them as well (but no more than 2-3 minutes). You can use other types of salads, vegetables or even ordinary cucumbers. If desired, you can add avocado.

Sandwich dressing

Take some mayonnaise - it is better to use European brands, as homemade mayonnaise is different in taste, texture and composition - and mix it with tuna and eggs. Unfortunately, the sandwich without mayonnaise will be too dry and not so tasty.

The same goes for bread - it is impossible to make a sandwich without bread and despite the fact that we wrote about the dubious benefits of bread, two slices of quality product will not kill you. Remember that good bread is easy to determine - it dries in a few days.

Caloric sandwich tone

The calorie content will depend on which ingredients and how much you use. Usually the caloric content of a sandwich is 300-600 calories, but if you want to know the exact figure, you will have to calculate it yourself based on your products.

There is no universal number and it cannot be. For example, adding a little more butter or mayonnaise can easily increase your calories by 50-60 calories. The same goes for bread, cheese and other ingredients - it all depends on the thickness and size of the pieces.

Tuna salad recipe

To make a tuna salad, first make the same mixture of canned tuna mixed with olive oil (a source of vitamin E), mayonnaise and egg, then take a lettuce (like an iceberg lettuce) and just mix everything together.

In addition, to such a salad can be added cherry tomatoes (or ordinary tomatoes, cut into small pieces or slices), pine nuts, peppers or even a small piece of bacon - all this will add extra flavor.

How to make a delicious tuna salad?

Tuna salad can easily turn into an amazing dish that will show you how great a chef, even though you will only take a few minutes to cook. Find the ingredients you like and create your own personal recipe.

Experiment - make a sandwich on toast, add cheese (parmesan, goat, brie, noble cheese) to the salad, use different types of mayonnaise or even Dijon mustard. Don't limit your imagination - lemon juice and curry  will also work.

The tuna sandwich is a great breakfast between lunch and dinner. Tuna salad can be a complete part of a romantic dinner, which you can prepare yourself in a few minutes. Believe me, this will amaze your girlfriend.