The benefits of red wine

The benefits of red wine

The benefits of red wine
The benefits of red wine

Reflections on the benefits of drinking wine are based on a study by Angel Keys in 1953 - he found that people in France who drink wine for a moderately long time have fewer health problems. In addition, their  body mass index is usually lower.

The study does not take into account the fact that most wine consumers are more educated and wealthy people and for these reasons their health is really better. In addition, Keys collected statistics in 22 countries and published results for only 6.

Antioxidants and red wine

Red wine does contain polyphenols - substances that remove free radicals from body tissues and are antioxidants. They are absent in white wine because they are present only in the skins of red grapes.

But polyphenols are also found in other foods. For example, a dark chocolate bar  contains 8 times more of them than a glass of wine. In addition, the wine does not contain any substances that are not contained in grape juice or other products.

Study of the effect of wine on the body

In 1993, the World Health Organization analyzed more than 500 independent studies on wine consumption and found no study that unequivocally identified the benefits of white or red wine.

The theory behind the health benefits of moderate wine consumption seems to be that it is impossible to feel the harms of small doses of alcohol. When the fact that alcohol really has a negative effect on the body is obvious.

Alcohol and muscle growth

Wine itself is not caloric at all - an average glass contains 100 calories and only 5% of these calories are absorbed by the body. But alcohol affects the body in a complex way - it inhibits metabolism and protein metabolism.

Drinking alcohol, even in small doses, stops burning fat for up to 12 hours, increases tissue dehydration and stops muscle growth and recovery. After drinking a glass of vodka, you literally cross out a week of training. If you want to speed up your metabolism  , give up alcohol.

How much wine can you drink without harming your health?

Knowing the harm of something does not mean stopping doing it. We are all aware of the dangers of alcohol, but we deliberately delude ourselves that wine is definitely healthy. But let's be honest - we don't drink to get a dose of antioxidants.

If we talk about a dose that is hardly noticeable for the body, then these are a total of 300-400 ml of red or white wine per week, taken on different days. It is important that protein metabolism is less affected by metabolism and fat burning processes.


There is no evidence to support the theory of the benefits of any wine, but there are studies showing the harm of alcohol on muscle growth and weight loss. Even small doses of wine affect the metabolism, slowing it down and making it harder to get rid of fat.