Slimming juices: recipes and what you can drink

Slimming juices: recipes and what you can drink

Slimming juices: recipes and what you can drink
Slimming juices: recipes and what you can drink

Weight loss juices are considered by fans of fasting diets as one of the most popular "dishes" of the possible diet. No one doubts their enormous benefits and richest composition and they can only harm if abused or not observed - for example, it is clear that acidic juices, especially citrus fruits, should not be drunk with exacerbation of gastritis and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract. By regularly consuming freshly squeezed juices for weight loss, you can help the body eliminate a lot of excess, eliminate swelling, improve metabolism and the work of all internal organs and gain lightness and harmony.

How to lose weight with juices?

There are many juice diets or "juice diets", but they are worth talking about separately; you can choose softer and simpler methods that do not require much effort and lifestyle changes. What are the possible ways to lose weight with juices?

  • Fasting days. It is better to arrange them on weekends when there is no load: drink only juices for weight loss throughout the day (with pulp, without pulp, mixtures, etc.), or combine them with fresh (preferably raw) fruits and vegetables;
  • To lose weight with juices, you can replace them with an afternoon breakfast or dinner: the body will receive a bunch of nutrients, the digestive tract - rest, and a good night's sleep will be peaceful and complete. Some people like to drink juice instead of breakfast - this is also possible, but it is still better to add fruit, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, soft-boiled egg or wholemeal porridge: breakfast should be more nutritious;
  • Or you can just include juice for weight loss in the menu more often, instead of sweet drinks and snacks: you will not be able to lose weight fast, but if you get used to doing it always, the weight will certainly decrease and there will be no return.

The secrets of success

Almost any freshly squeezed juice loses its "lion's share" of useful properties in about 30 minutes after preparation, so it is not worth preparing slimming juices "for future use."

If you don't have time and sometimes want to replace fresh juice with store-bought juice, eat a whole fruit or a handful of berries or the same mash: it's better and healthier than a "reconstituted product" with water, preservatives and synthetic vitamins.

How to lose weight with juices

Remember that not all juices contribute to weight loss: those saturated with sugars (for example, grapes, peaches, sweet apples and pears, etc.) are more likely to cause the opposite result.

You should not get carried away with sour juices, wanting to speed up the work of the digestive glands and metabolism: the stomach and kidneys may not withstand the load, and then it will be too late and useless to blame someone.

There are also allergies and individual intolerance to juices.

Lose weight with vegetable juices

No one will argue that vegetable juices are considered optimal for weight loss, as they are low in sugar and more minerals; fruit juices are rich in vitamins, but contain more calories.


Each of the juices mentioned below is worthy of a separate detailed description and whole books have been written about the benefits of many of them, so here are the highlights and some examples of use.

How to drink carrot juice for weight loss

Carrot juice is a storehouse of nutrients: it is no coincidence that it is one of the first fresh juices recommended for babies in the first year of life. For weight loss you can drink carrot juice at any time, including before breakfast, but sometimes it stimulates the appetite, so it is recommended to mix it (1: 1, 2: 1) with beetroot (cucumber, cabbage) or green apple juice. To the pure carrot juice should be added 1 tsp. sour cream (olive oil). It is believed that in combination with lemon (ginger) water (of course, against the background of a low-calorie diet), carrot juice is much more effective for weight loss, helps to get rid of 2-4 kg of weight in just a week. Here is a good recipe for weight loss: Mix 2 parts carrot juice with 1 part cucumber juice and pepper.

Recipes for weight loss of tomato juice

Natural tomato juice is an excellent way to lose weight: it has few calories, metabolism speeds up and appetite decreases. This juice is made from high quality fresh tomatoes - it is translucent, pinkish-yellow and does not look like a rich juice from the store. Here are effective blends, delicious and refreshing; Pass the vegetables and herbs separately through a juicer, then mix the juices and drink immediately.

  • Small tomatoes (3 pcs.), Fresh cucumber and a few stalks of celery;
  • Tomatoes (4 pcs.), Fresh spinach leaves (6-7 pcs.), Parsley connection.

How to lose weight with cabbage juice

Fresh cabbage juice is not popular for weight loss and in vain. Of course, it's not as tasty as an apple or an orange, but most experts believe that those who want to lose weight should start with it. It is low in calories and carbohydrates, but "knows how" to connect and remove the latter from the body and they do not have time to turn into fat. In addition, this juice can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.


If you drink a glass of juice 30 minutes before a meal, you can lose a few pounds a week, even without giving up your favorite foods, but when the goal is to lose weight, it is better to change your diet. They squeeze it like other juices, but first put the cabbage leaves in acidified (salted) water, otherwise it is not easy to wash the insect larvae from the cabbage, because they are almost invisible. If the juice causes flatulence, dilute it with water or carrot juice.

Beetroot juice for weight loss

Beetroot juice is sweet and has a specific taste, but perfectly cleanses the intestines, so its benefits for weight loss are undeniable. If there is no juicer, the juice is squeezed perfectly by hand, you just need to take the juicy roots of "vinaigrette". Grate the peeled beets on the finest grater - this way there will be more juice; place the mass in cheesecloth, folded in several layers and press, twisting: the juice will turn out thick and rich. You should not drink it clean - the stomach rarely tolerates it and many of them have nausea. Better to introduce beet juice gradually, adding 1-2 tbsp. to other juices for weight loss (carrots, apples) and always drink sedimentary (1-2 hours in the refrigerator after pressing) and diluted (even with plain water). A good recipe for weight loss is a mixture of beet juice 1: 1 with pomegranate.


A little about the best fruit juices for weight loss.

The above-mentioned pomegranate juice should be drunk diluted (with water, other juice) 1: 2 and even 1: 3.

Watermelon juice is the best choice for weight loss. They can regularly replace dinner, especially in summer: in the morning you will get lightness and good health.

How to lose weight with lemon juice

Lemon is popular for many reasons: the fruit with the lowest calorie content, cheap, you do not need much of it, it is easy to squeeze the juice, rich in vitamins, helps remove toxins, stimulates metabolic processes - accelerates the breakdown of fats , reduces appetite, etc. With lemon juice you can not change the diet too much - digestion is much easier, although high-calorie and harmful foods are excluded in any case. For weight loss, usually its lemon juice with water before breakfast or at night - for example 1/2 fruit juice in a glass of water plus 1 tsp. honey.


A tastier but also effective way to lose weight with lemon juice: boil cinnamon with a glass of boiling water (1 tsp powder), cover, leave to cool to 40 ° C, put a slice of lemon, 1 tbsp. honey, stir, leave for a few minutes and drink.

How to lose weight with lemon juice

Lemon juice is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heartburn, pancreatitis.

Recipe for weight loss with citrus juice

Other citrus fruits (orange, tangerine, grapefruit) are also considered low-calorie and "fat-burning", although in a glass, for example, orange juice may contain about 150 kcal. But citrus juices are rich in fiber and help "cleanse" the intestines and relieve swelling. If weight loss needs to be accelerated, it is better to choose grapefruit juice. Recipe: squeeze the juice from a medium-sized fruit, add apple cider vinegar (1-2 tsp) and honey (1 tsp). Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and at night for at least a week.