Lower body workout. Beginner's Guide

Lower body workout. Beginner's Guide

Lower body workout. Beginner's Guide
Lower body workout. Beginner's Guide

Exercises for the lower body

In one of our previous posts we already mentioned that the most effective strategy for fast muscle gain is based on four workouts a week by dividing the muscle groups into upper and lower. The upper body is worked out twice a week, the lower part is trained twice a week.

From this week, the Beginner's Guide recommends that you move on to a similar training strategy. If you absolutely do not have the opportunity to train 4 times a week, train 3 times. In this case, workouts A, B, C are performed in the first week, and D, A, B and so on in the second.

Bottom training

The muscle groups in the lower half of the body include mainly the muscles of the buttocks and legs. In addition, the muscles of the trunk and lower back are classified classically in this category, given their indirect participation in the performance of many basic exercises and, first of all,  deadlifts  .

Training the abdominal muscles of the press is also traditionally applied to the lower body, as in most press exercises the leg muscles are also actively involved in movement - for example, when lifting the legs in suspension, both the abdomen and the abdomen involve the front muscles. part of the thighs.

Squat or leg press?

In order not to combine the two most difficult strength exercises for the lower body (deadlifts and squats) in one workout, one of the days of the program uses an exercise similar to the mechanics of squatting with a barbell - leg press in a simulator, filled with medium weight.

When doing a leg press, remember that exercise is one of the most dangerous, as many tend to use maximum weights (over 200 kg), which is extremely dangerous for the spine. Don't chase records and put safety and technology first.

How to pump?

A key role in the development of calf muscles is played primarily by the fact that this muscle group belongs to the class of  slow fibers   - they require low intensity but long loads. That's why runners tend to develop.

If you want to achieve large and inflated bodies, it is more likely to help you not isolating exercises (barbell lifts or dumbbells), but the main - squats and deadlifts. In addition, a 40-minute run will be useful for both the calves and the relief press cubes.

According to research, the exercise "Bicycle" tops the list of the most   effective abdominal exercises  . Starting position: lying on the floor, lower back pressed to the floor; hands behind the head, but not fastened in a lock; knees bent at an angle of 45 degrees; breathing is normal and calm.

Alternatively, touch first with the left elbow to the right knee, then with the right to the left (with the opposite leg extended); at the lowest point, touch the floor with the paddles. Feel the work of the abdominal muscles. Do 12-15 repetitions in a rhythm of 2-3 seconds each, do 2 to 4 sets.


Основните упражнения за тренировка на долната част на тялото са мъртва тяга и клекове. Тези упражнения обаче се правят най-добре в две различни тренировки, за да се повиши тяхната ефективност. Тренировката на мускулите на прасеца изисква както силова тренировка, така и бягане.