How to quench your thirst? The best drinks for hot weather

Everyone knows that the human body is about 60% water. We need to drink constantly to feel good and keep our life processes normal. And on summer days, when you are sometimes exhausted from shortness of breath, the question of quenching thirst is especially acute. Let's talk about those drinks that will definitely help in hot weather.

How to quench your thirst? The best drinks for hot weather
How to quench your thirst? The best drinks for hot weather


The first savior is obvious. This is plain water that everyone should drink. Scientists and doctors advise consuming an average of two liters of regular water a day to keep the body in good condition. In addition, water quenches thirst perfectly.


Yes, milk is fatter than water, but it does a good job. It also contains calcium and vitamin D, which are good for bones. On a hot day, when you really don't feel like eating, milk will not only save you from "drought", but will also serve as a source of protein.

Fermented milk drinks

All drinks in this category are good thirst quenchers. The kefir, which is made from natural cow's milk and sourdough on pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria, stands out. But even if you drink regular kefir, you will also be satisfied.

Natural fruit juice

Packaged juices are unlikely to help you in the heat, but the natural product will quench your thirst. This juice contains about 85% water. But remember that when you buy, you need to pay attention to the composition. Monitor the amount of sugar and if your drink seems thick, dilute with water. There is another option - make your own fresh juice at home. This way you will definitely be sure of the quality of the product.


The compote is also good in summer. It is especially worth noting the homemade drinks, which are traditionally prepared without added sugar. Dried fruit compote is perfect.


One of the most popular drinks during both the warm and cold seasons, it perfectly quenches thirst. Decaffeinated tea or herbal collection is best for this purpose. It doesn't matter which option you like - hot or cold. It also doesn't matter if you prefer chamomile or green tea. This drink is an excellent drink for complete replenishment of fluids and is also rich in antioxidants.

Fruit water

You can also prepare it yourself. Pour plain water into a bowl and add pieces of fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. For example, lime and basil, lemon and raspberry, cucumber and mint are ideal combinations. This makes the water tastier and healthier.

Coconut water

This is a new product for Russia. It has not yet gained popularity, but it works well to quench thirst. The good thing about coconut water is that it does not contain sugar, but check the ingredients just in case. In addition, the drink has an original taste and also contains more water than any fruit juice.

Sports drinks

Salt, or in other words, electrolytes, which are found in almost all sports drinks, help fight thirst. They saturate the body with moisture more effectively. In addition, you can find drinks with completely different tastes - they will appeal to those who are bored of drinking plain water. But these foods contain a lot of sugar, so drink them only when you exercise.


"It's not a drink," you say. Yes, but there is even more water in watermelon than in juice. This huge berry contains 95% water, so it replenishes fluid reserves with a bang. In addition, watermelon is rich in trace elements, folic acid and helps cleanse the body.

Which drinks should you not quench your thirst?

There are drinks that make you want to drink more. These include soda, coffee, beer, hot chocolate, wine and other spirits, sugar tea, energy drinks, milkshakes, lemonade and smoothies. All of the above is certainly delicious, but on a hot day it can only make the situation worse.


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