How to make a homemade gainer? - Recipe with maltodextrin or oatmeal

How to make a homemade gainer? - Recipe with maltodextrin or oatmeal

How to make a homemade gainer? - Recipe with maltodextrin or oatmeal
How to make a homemade gainer? - Recipe with maltodextrin or oatmeal

Did you know that you can make a homemade gainer only with a source of protein and maltodextrin? You can buy the ingredients separately and make a dough gainer with your own hands at home, at a significantly lower price.

At home, you can also make a winner from oatmeal high in complex carbohydrates, so you need to mix whey protein and oatmeal.

Here you will find the necessary proportions and a simple homemade recipe for a gainer with maltodextrin and oatmeal.

Gainer or mass gain is a supplement based on carbohydrates and proteins. The name comes from the English verb  gain  , which means "increase, profit".

Gainer usually contains whey protein and a source of carbohydrates such as maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin is the main source of carbohydrates in most gainers and the predominant ingredient in their composition. Maltodextrin has a starch-like structure and is rapidly broken down into glucose in the stomach.

Within minutes of taking Gainer, blood sugar levels rise, leading to the production of the hormone insulin. Mass gains not only provide energy for training, but put the cells in energy storage mode, this serves to build muscle mass.

Рецепта за домашен гейнер с малтодекстрин

The easiest way to make a homemade gainer is to mix milk serum protein with maltodextrin powder. In this case, the price of the supplements separately is usually significantly less than the price of the purchased winner.

The mixing ratio is one teaspoon of protein (15-20g), four teaspoons of maltodextrin (70-80g) and optionally half a teaspoon of creatine (7-10g). The resulting amount is 2-3 servings of winning dough. The caloric content of each portion will be 130-200 kcal.

How to make a homemade gainer:

  • Whey protein or protein powder - 1 tsp - 20 g
  • Maltodextrin - 4 teaspoons - 80 g
  • Creatine - op spoon 8-10 g (optional)

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Why add creatine to it?

Creatine is a sports supplement that also helps increase muscle mass. Creatine optimizes muscle ATP levels.

In other words, creatine can increase strength during exercise; acts as an additional source of energy and prevents excessive consumption of muscle glycogen. For these reasons, creatine is often included in gainers.

Homemade gainer with oatmeal

The winner of homemade oatmeal is a more natural way to provide the body with calories and nutrients. However, because oatmeal is a  complex carbohydrate  and contains soluble fiber, the absorption rate of said winner is lower.

To make a winner with oatmeal with your own hands, you must first grind oatmeal into flour or buy oatmeal. A blender is enough for this. For a tablespoon of protein (15-20 g) use 4-5 tablespoons of oatmeal (80-100 g).

You can use protein from a vegan or vegetarian source and combine it with 1 banana or honey to improve the taste. The base of the cocktail will be water or a little vegetable milk, such as coconut milk, rich in nutrients and vitamins.