How to have fun with your pet: what to do while walking your dog

Walking with the dog is a great way to have fun, give up everyday problems and learn something new. For a man, yes. Have you ever wondered how a pet feels when it follows in your footsteps? He has to do what you say every day. What a walk it is when one companion constantly says where to go or not, presses the other and determines the pace of the walk. Is it fair?

How to have fun with your pet: what to do while walking your dog
How to have fun with your pet: what to do while walking your dog

Pets are deprived of the opportunity to choose how, with whom and when to walk. They are always with their master and are only on a leash. Their mood, satisfaction with interests and diversity of life always depends on the person.

As practice shows, people most often choose the same routes for walking dogs. This is due to lack of time, laziness or lack of mood. The idea does not even arise that the animal may go mad with monotony: the same routes, landscapes, people and even dogs encountered along the way. The animal is starting to get bored, despite the fact that the world is so huge and there are so many things you can see and experience.

Monotony is a problem that needs to be solved

Determining that a dog may not have new experiences is not difficult:

She cannot walk beside herself; she pulls her master aside; walks around behind him; picks up waste, unfit for consumption, inclusive; barks for some reason.

There is a problem, there is a solution

We have already realized that it is necessary to get rid of the monotony and boredom of a walk as soon as possible. Here are some options on how you can do this.

Method 1: Let the dog choose a route

By depriving the pet of the opportunity to choose where he wants to walk today, we deprive him of new experiences. But he already spends a lot of time at home. Moreover, we ourselves refuse the opportunity to see something new and explore a new route. As a result, walking the dog becomes a routine, the same as the usual way from home to work.

There is a myth: "If the dog feels free to choose, it will become uncontrollable."

We do not agree. The exact opposite is true. If the pet manages to satisfy his needs, he becomes calm and balanced. It is true that it is worth considering the following: in order for the needs of the dog to be well and correctly combined with the needs of the owner, proper communication with the animal is needed.

Method 2: Learn by walking

The dog is like a child. She can also be brought up and taught new things. Bring a treat for your pet and take some time to learn during the walk. For example, you can ask your dog to learn new commands: sit, paw, serve or dance. If your pet finds it difficult to concentrate (and this often happens on a walk), you better start with those exercises that he loves and does well. This is necessary so that the dog can have experience with victories, not defeats. The training will give you the opportunity to connect with your pet and have a great time with him. And don't forget to praise and heal him.

Method 3: exercise

If you enjoy playing sports in the park and haven't taken your dog with you to training yet, get dressed and run outside together. You can't just run with your pet. You can try something new: combine a walk with the dog with a skateboard or a bicycle. This will be a new great experience for you and interactive for the animal. The dog handler advises to warm up with the dog before such a training. An excellent option would be to do the complex "sit-stand-lie" several times plus gymnastic exercises: reach for a piece in different directions, turn, etc.

IMPORTANT. Running long on the asphalt is harmful for the dog, it is better to train on the ground or grass. And don't forget to periodically offer your pet a drink.

Joint training is a great option for active relaxation, emotional and mental relaxation and the opportunity to spend more time with your dog.

Method 4: play

The animal can play toys not only at home. Take them for a walk. Ball, bone, lace - anything. Everyone loves to play with them, as well as animals. The dog will be very happy to run once more, and you, watching how happy your pet is, can distract from the problems. And remember, playing with the dog, you communicate and find new points of contact with each other.

A few words about the strap

The leash has a huge impact on the quality of your walk and the experience you and your pet get from it. It should not cause inconvenience to the dog and give him enough freedom of action. It is recommended to choose the length of 3 meters. If you have belts, choose a softer one. And don't forget to let the animal go sometimes, because it also wants to feel free.


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