How to achieve a fitness body? - Exercise and diet for women

How to achieve a fitness body? - Exercise and diet for women

How to achieve a fitness body? - Exercise and diet for women
How to achieve a fitness body? - Exercise and diet for women

The trend of the  fitness  world for women is increasing. Achieving fitness in women is possible, it requires a good diet and selection of exercises.

Contrary to popular belief, including exercises for  muscle hypertrophy  are a good method for women. Myth is that the use of dumbbells and barbells will develop the typical male body of bodybuilding. (1) 

This article analyzes how exercise and diet should be for women to achieve fitness.

How to achieve a fitness body in women?

The main idea of ​​a woman to develop a fitness body is to include in the routine  basic multi-joint exercises  . When the goal is to burn fat and tone muscles, this type of exercise is ideal.

The second step for women to have a fitness body is to alternate carbohydrates in the diet. This is an excellent method of burning fat and is used by a large number of fitness women.

In fact, to achieve a fitness body, you need to consume more carbohydrates on training days and reduce them on days when you do little exercise or limit yourself to  cardio  .

Advantages and disadvantages of female metabolism

The main advantage of female metabolism compared to male is the shorter time for  muscle recovery  .

Studies report significant differences in rest time for women compared to men. (2) Taking advantage of this fact is essential for achieving fitness.

On the other hand, women go through hormonal cycles constantly. They modify both the perception of food and the desire to exercise. Knowing this, routines and diet need to be adapted to improve fitness results.  

The time when a woman's metabolism is most similar to a man's is at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. During this period, estrogen levels are minimal.

This allows the female organs to use carbohydrates optimally. Nowadays, it is recommended to increase the loads and weights in the gym. (3)

Exercise a routine to achieve a fitness body

Below is a detailed routine workout to achieve fitness in women:

  • Bicycle presses  (15 x 3 sets)
  • Side presses  (1 minute x 2 on each side)
  • Push-ups  (10x 3 sets)
  • Inert  with kettleball (10 reps x 3 sets)
  • Squat with a barbell  (10 x 4 sets)
  • Burpees   (Maximum repetitions to muscle failure x 1)
  • Side flights (lifting dumbbells to the side)  (10-12 repetitions with light weight)
  • Jump rope 10 minutes

HIIT workout for burning fat in women

HIIT workout for burning fat in women

One of the  best fat burning workouts for  women is high-intensity interval training or the HIIT method. 

The essence of this type of training consists in alternating 30 to 40 seconds of active moderate exercise with 60 seconds of  aerobic exercise  with low intensity exercise .

To get a fitness body in women, it is recommended to do HIIT procedures at least 2 or 3 times a week.

These training procedures are aimed at burning fat without losing muscle mass. These should include exercises to work with the middle area of ​​the body or core: boards,   bicycle presses , crunch wheels. As well as jumping rope and squatting without extra weight.

Barbell + cardio exercises - Perfect combination for fitness women

To achieve a fitness body it is important to combine exercise with bars and cardio. This is the type of workout that is most effective at depleting muscle glycogen stores.

Exercises such as deadlifts and barbell squats are essential to avoid losing muscle mass during a fat-burning workout in women.

On the days when you rest to have a fitness body, you should switch to a  low-carb diet  to eliminate excess body fat.

Include aerobic exercise these days combined with a low carb diet; this is the best strategy to  reduce waist and hip fat   (2)   .

Do Routine Exercises Help You Burn Fat?

Strength training in the gym, performed with moderate weight and a maximum of 12-15 repetitions, can be used to burn fat. Although not the classic method, it can be effective for achieving a fitness body.

Keep in mind that if you are not familiar with the technique, performing these exercises is not the best choice, consult a personal fitness trainer when you can.

At the end of a workout of this type, it is recommended to do 15-30 minutes of running to burn fat at a moderate pace and heart rate.

Do not neglect the consumption of carbohydrates before and after long workouts in the gym. And don't be afraid: you won't achieve the typical body of a professional female bodybuilder (muscular and masculine) for a few extra calories, but on the contrary, over time you will achieve the fitness body I am looking for.

Diet to achieve fitness body in women

When the goal is to build a fitness body in women, it is essential to focus on nutrition.

It is extremely important for women to minimize the sources of  simple carbohydrates  (sugar, honey, pastries and bakery products).

Switching to complex carbohydrates (vegetables, grains and pseudo-grains) is the first rule for achieving a fitness body.

Including  foods high in fiber   is a good strategy to reduce appetite.

The diet for burning fat in women should provide a large amount of healthy vegetable fats, as well as  omega-3 fatty acids  . It is recommended that a total of about 30-40% of caloric intake come from fat.

Completely eliminating fat is a mistake that women often make to lose weight. A diet based on skim yogurt with sugar can do more harm than good to the body's fitness.

For a woman with moderate exercise, the recommended amount of protein is 1.5 g per kilogram of body weight. About 110 g for women weighing 65 kg. It is recommended to divide this amount into about 4 meals.

An example of a diet for fitness women

  • Normal caloric intake 2000 kcal.
  • Age 25 years old
  • Height 170 cm
  • Body weight: 60 kg
  • Physical activity: Moderate sports 3-4 times a week.
  • Purpose: weight loss.
  • Calorie reduction: 15%. Total calories: 1700 kcal.
  • Recommended amount of protein: 70 grams
  • Fat: 60 grams
  • Carbohydrates - 250 grams.

The daily diet menu for fitness women is described below:

1. Breakfast

  • Skim yogurt 200 cc
  • 2 wholemeal toasted slices with lean cheese
  • Medium fruits
  • black coffee

2. Lunch

  • Salmon or tuna fillet (100-150 g)
  • Brown rice (70-100 g)
  • Arugula and grated cheese.
  • If you have been training, you can add extra natural orange juice.

3. Snack

  • Nuts (50g)
  • Wholemeal or oatmeal biscuits (3 units)
  • Medium fruits
  • 40 g of lean cheese

4. Dinner

  • Chicken breast stewed in olive oil (100-150 g)
  • Stewed broccoli stewed with vegetables: peppers, carrots, asparagus (200 g)


The best exercises to achieve fitness in women are HIIT,  functional exercises  and basic multi-joint exercises. Alternating exercises with barbells and dumbbells is essential to increase muscle strength.

To achieve fast results and successful fat burning, a diet is recommended in which  simple carbohydrates  are limited as much as possible.

Excessive extreme cardio training is not necessary to achieve fitness.

A fat burning workout plan for women should always include at least one of the 5 basic strength exercises that will stimulate both the joints and improve hormone levels. 

The diet for women to burn fat should be 10% hypocaloric and with an  adequate ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats  . Eliminating fat entirely from the diet is a common mistake. This can cause a hormonal imbalance that makes it impossible to burn fat in the long run.


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