How do I start going to the gym? - Beginner's guide

How do I start going to the gym? - Beginner's guide

How do I start going to the gym? - Beginner's guide
How do I start going to the gym? - Beginner's guide

How do I start the gym?

Starting a gym is a challenge for beginners. In the first step in starting  hypertrophy or routine bodybuilding,  a series of mistakes are usually made in both exercise and diet. The result: abandonment for less than 3 months. In Nutrition 360 we provide you with a complete beginner's guide with the steps you need to follow to start the gym. Are you ready to boost your metabolism?

When you start the gym, it is normal to be ashamed and compare yourself to fitness and bodybuilding followers. A beginner usually starts by repeating what other people are doing. Going straight to the  basic multi-joint exercises  is a serious mistake that can lead to any injuries.

8 tips for starting the gym:

Deciding to start a gym is only the first step in the development of an athletic and muscular body. Continuing it is essential for effective muscle building. Here are 8 tips on how to start the gym and not leave:

1. Divide the muscle groups

10-12 reps of combining a large muscle group (back, chest and legs) with a small muscle group (triceps, biceps, shoulders) is a traditional starting strategy for fitness. Large muscle groups require at least 48 hours to recover. (1) (4) The problem is that this type of training usually bores a beginner. The good news is that after the adaptation comes the best part.

2. Don't focus on feeling monitored

It is important to be confident in performing the exercises for the first time and not to feel monitored. Comparing the negative with advanced athletes will only demotivate you. It is important to know that they were once beginners. Fear of criticism will be one of the obstacles you need to get rid of when you start the gym, forget about them.

3. Pay attention to what you eat

Eating healthy is essential for beginners. It is important not to give full credit to the importance of protein and to strike the right balance between the three macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. The latter are essential for restoring muscle glycogen levels   .

4, Determine the somatotype of your body

The somatotype of the body (ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph) is the genetic predisposition of every person to sports. The training and diet strategy for  ectomorphs  is completely different from that for endomorphs. This factor is very helpful in improving your results.

5. Exercise with body weight

Isolated exercises such as bench press have been found to be just as effective as other exercises that use body weight. Gymnastics  , push-ups and squats should be part of your routine if you want to  boost  your muscles.

6. Don't go crazy over supplements

A mistake for a beginner to start the gym is to go crazy for lifting weights. Not only will this injure your joints, but the pain will be so severe that you will not want to go back. On the other hand, the use of sports supplements should be secondary. If you want to start  somewhere  to motivate yourself, we recommend the amino acids bcaa  .

7. Don't forget about cardio

Incorporating at least 10 minutes of  aerobic exercise  at the end of your workout is a strategy recommended by sports professionals to improve muscle recovery. The second advantage is that the percentage of body fat decreases.

8. Sleep well

Sleep well is essential for proper muscle recovery. Choose the  position to sleep  well, as well as allow yourself the necessary time; this is the key to success for strong and bulky muscles. The famous 8 hours are not an invention of the older generations. If you want to increase your muscle mass, be strict and sleep accordingly.

Can a weak teenager gain muscle mass?

Can a weak teenager gain muscle mass?

The answer to the question of whether a weak teenager can gain muscle mass is a resounding yes. The main problem of a weak person is that his body is able to accumulate enough energy for hypertrophy.

This type of body is called an ectomorph and they must follow a certain diet and exercise to increase muscle mass. Remember that the  routine for adolescents  should not include intense exercise. Otherwise, it can have lasting negative effects on  increasing height  at this important stage of life.

Finally, we do not recommend obsessing over concepts such as the metabolic window. Various studies have confirmed that this is not the most important parameter for muscle development. Just as the holding of  a diet  low in carbohydrates such  ketogenic diet  is strictly forbidden for a teenager who wants to increase muscle mass.

How to choose a gym?

One of the factors that is often overlooked by a beginner is the choice of fitness that suits them. At Nutricion360 we offer 5 tips for choosing the best gym and providing motivation.

1- Distance

The results of starting the gym and not leaving it are better when the gym is close to your home or work. If you have to take public transport or travel more than 10 blocks, the desire to stay at home will probably be stronger.

2- Schedule

Rule number two for choosing a gym is: the longer the better. Maybe one day you wake up without wanting to go in the morning, but there is always a desire to release tension after work. If your gym has extended opening hours, the probability of not being absent increases x 2.

3- Who will you go with?

Determining who to go to the gym with is a key factor in ensuring continuity. When you're tired, a teammate is likely to push you back on the court. When you start the gym, why not invite a colleague from work or study?

4- Responsible staff

If you are not one of the privileged, you can hire a personal trainer. Pay special attention to which staff is responsible for the gym. As you go around the facilities, make sure the teachers adjust the technique of the exercises and help each person's routine.

5- Temperature

But last but not least  : the temperature. When there is no type of temperature control technology in the gym, sweat invades the equipment. This will not only reduce your effectiveness, but will lead to the negative experience of unwanted odors in your routines.


  • In a beginner's guide who has decided to start the gym, the main thing is to accompany the routines with a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Taking the necessary rest time for proper muscle recovery, as well as good sleep are two basic rules when starting a gym.
  • A weak teenager is able to increase muscle mass by choosing the right diet and exercise. In fact, it is the key life stage for muscle development.


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