How do I get in shape?

How do I get in shape?

How do I get in shape?
How do I get in shape?

Diet is certainly not synonymous with diet. Diets do not work in the long run! Even if someone manages to lose a few pounds, the pounds either come back after a few weeks or the diet itself was so restrictive that the person gave up in the middle of the process.

The regime, on the other hand, is a period in which a person takes purposeful actions to achieve a certain result, most often with the help of his mentor in the field of nutrition. 

They aim to turn some of the habits acquired during their observance into long-term changes that will positively affect a person's life. 

We often compare following one to riding a bike with auxiliary wheels. Instead of teaching us how not to fall off the bike, he teaches us how to eat. 

The most important thing in any mode is its stability. That is why the individual approach is so important. Everyone has different eating habits - some eat 2 times a day, others 6 times. Some people can't do without jam, other people can't do without fizzy drinks. Some people eat late at night, others have trouble sleeping and recovering. All these factors (and many others) are extremely important for the preparation of a good program.

Any diet that is designed without taking into account the individual's personality is unsustainable in the long run.

Having clarified that the first important criterion is sustainability , which is the result of a person's individual preferences , goals and habits, the next most important criterion is his diversity . 

Diversity is the spice of life! Good programs provide everything the body needs, but remove the monotony of eating. 

For example, have you heard of the egg diet? Fried eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, egg salad, egg toast and grapefruit juice. 

As much as you love eggs, it will be very difficult for you to eat only eggs for more than a few days. If we have to be honest with you, it will also be extremely unhealthy for your body. 

This brings us to the next criterion - moderation . Even if you eat those things that can have a negative effect on your health and weight, you do not take large amounts of them. 

It is perfectly normal, from time to time, to treat yourself to a good job with a few pieces of dark chocolate. It is perfectly normal to eat your grandmother's favorite moussaka for dinner, regardless of "how much oil she has poured" into it.

What you do most of the time is much more important than what you do sometimes!

This is where the next two criteria for a good diet come from - calorie control and balance . You need to make sure that you are getting the right amount of calories for your body to function normally and efficiently, getting the right amount of the right things and limiting foods that can have a negative effect on your health and weight.

Calorie control is the most important factor if you want to achieve your goal. For example, just because you eat "healthy" does not mean that you will lose weight. If this is your goal, then the mandatory condition will be to be in a calorie deficit - ie. to eat fewer calories than you expend during the day. As a result, there will be a reduction in fat and / or muscle mass.

The last criterion is its quality . To achieve your goal without harming yourself in the long run, you need to get the basic substances by monitoring the quality of the products you consume. 

Let's summarize - diet is not synonymous with diet. It is limited in time and has a specific goal , but it is a prerequisite for learning and developing long-term habits . For this to happen, the mode must be customized - there is no universal one! In addition, it must be diverse , moderate in its strictness, balanced , high quality and be subject to the laws of thermodynamics - ie. take into account your goal and adjust your calorie intake to your goals.

How do I approach compiling a diet?

We want to be honest with you, so we'll tell you about both approaches you can choose when you decide you want to achieve a specific goal with your body. 

Approach №1: Do it yourself

Most likely, this is the approach you've used so far - you've done everything yourself and tried to limit yourself, count calories, measure products, read articles on the Internet, etc. to achieve your goal.

Of course, you may have had success along the way so far. And you may have fallen victim to terrible advice that has taken you back with progress. And yes, you can probably continue with this approach - spending the next year (or more), trying to handle everything yourself.

But if that worked, wouldn't you have already achieved your goals?

Of course, you can keep trying to solve your eating problems on your own. Our platform is freely accessible, so you can draw endless information from it to achieve your goals on your own. Whether your goal is to clear fat or gain muscle mass, we have the tools and information to help you absolutely free. 

But what will this cost you? Lots of time, money, sometimes frustration and a bunch of failures.

Don't take this as some form of moral superiority - that's exactly where we were before; we struggled with exactly the same problems, we felt disgusted with all the information on the Internet in the field of nutrition and we wanted to give up many times. So, we understand your situation very well.

In today's article, we want to show you that there is an easier way.

Option №2: Let us work together

Five years of experience and one year of uninterrupted work with people led to the creation of this product - the 12-week diet of Fast. Anabolic. Delicious. We believe that a solid foundation is key to success in any field, and nutrition is no exception.

If you choose to start the year with us, we will work together for your goals! Without more speculation, confusion and helplessness.

We do not make diets. We help people build a whole new and healthier lifestyle. 

After completing our 12-week service, you will not only reach the weight you want, but you will also acquire new knowledge and habits that will serve you while you are alive.

Before we explain all the details about our product, we want to be as honest with you as possible. If you are looking for a specific result and you want to achieve it with minimal effort - trust a professional , whether it is us or not.

You go to the professionals because of their expertise. They are there to be your friends and advisors. 

You have paid them with the money you have earned, so ask them for help and advice, tell them what you think and use them to get what you want. 

Tell them how well you follow their recommendations. Tell them what worries you, if there is a need for change and be honest. No one wins if you lie to the expert you work with.

Adherence to your program is your "homework," and no matter how good a professional you hire, he can't write it for you. 

Honesty about problems, challenges and victories is the best service you can do if you use the services of a specialist. 

Fast Food Diet. Anabolic. Delicious.

If you've come this far - congratulations! We deeply respect your willingness to work together for your goals. In the rest of this article we will explain everything you need to know to trust us.

We understand that buying a food plan is not like buying a pair of jeans. It requires mental preparation, dedication and a specific goal.

Therefore, if there is nothing you would like to improve in your physical shape and body, let us save you time. You can stop reading because our product is only for people who are willing to work with us intensively over a period of 12 weeks to achieve specific, long-term goals.

For a period of two years, Fast. Anabolic. Delicious. has become the fastest growing platform for sports nutrition in Bulgaria. We specialize mainly in nutrition and more precisely in its basics . We believe that a proper eating culture is key to a person's health throughout his or her life. The founders of the platform have been involved in sports and training throughout their conscious lives , each with over 6 years of experience in nutrition . 

Most of us have impressive weight control achievements, including losing 26 pounds and gaining 15 pounds of muscle mass. 

The thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we have a very deep understanding of human psychology . We assume that if you have been following us for at least a few weeks, you have noticed it. This is because a large part of the team has graduated or is studying psychology. We know how the human brain works at the micro level, which allows us to build a program that achieves maximum results with optimal effort. The only thing we require from our clients is a little patience and "writing homework", ie. compliance with our recommendations.

What are the benefits of the regime?

Fast diet. Anabolic. Delicious. will help you achieve the weight you want. During the consultation, we will tell you how realistic your goal is and what changes you will need to make if you want to achieve it within 12 weeks.

Besides, we from Fast. Anabolic. Delicious. we focus on natural foods. As a result, after 12 weeks, you will have achieved better health . We will carefully analyze your eating habits and see which of them can be replaced without causing chaos and panic in your life.

Our services save a lot of time and effort for our customers. You will no longer wonder what and when to eat. We prepare your weekly menu and you know exactly what day you will consume and what is its energy value. No more calorie calculation and menu planning. Every 4 weeks we change the regimen so that it best meets your current needs and thus consolidates the progress you are making.

The weekly menu in our programs is tailored to your preferences . For example, if you like to eat meatballs and moussaka, we will include meatballs and moussaka in your weekly menu, while maintaining the energy balance of your body.

Fast Foods. Anabolic. Delicious, include a constant connection with our team . This way you will be able to share your problems, challenges and victories with us.

For our premium service, we have provided a personal consultant with whom you share each of your meals, which is then subject to analysis and feedback. This way you will be sure that what you do every day during these 12 weeks is the right thing to do.

Believe us, if we were not sure that we offer the best product on the market in the field of sports nutrition, we would not offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you receive your regime and you are not satisfied with it, we will refund the full amount.

In addition, all our programs are sold in packages and you receive a variety of bonuses that will accompany you on the adventure to a better and healthier life.