How Calisthenica star Chris Heria trains - the press program

How Calisthenica star Chris Heria trains - the press program

How Calisthenica star Chris Heria trains - the press program
How Calisthenica star Chris Heria trains - the press program

Chris Heria is one of the most popular calisthenics athletes. More than two million people have subscribed to his YouTube channel for weight training, and on Instagram the number of subscribers is also measured in six digits.

Calisthenics training programs are especially popular among teenagers. Calisthenics allows them not only to develop physical strength, but also to form an athletic posture. Chris Heria is actively helping to promote this sport. Below we will tell you exactly how he trains.

//  Who is Chris Heria?

Calisthenica is a system of functional training with its own body weight. The name refers to the combination of the Greek words kallos - "beauty" and sthenos - "strength". For a successful workout, only a horizontal bar and parallel bars are enough, and many exercises can be performed even at home in an empty room.

Since Chris Heria was born in Miami (his birthday is December 21, 1991), he has spent a lot of time on outdoor sports fields on the beach since childhood. After achieving phenomenal results on the horizontal bar and uneven bands, the athlete shares his experience in numerous training videos.

The main focus of Chris' workouts is building core muscles using dynamic exercises. He constantly notes that in order to pump the abdomen, it is necessary to learn how to involve the muscles in the work when performing exercises, and not just perform repetitions due to the force of inertia.


Tattoos are one of the hallmarks of the image of Chris Heria. He got his first tattoo at the age of 16 - moreover, it was a tattoo on his neck. According to Chris, in this way he wanted to show the denial of the office lifestyle, because with such a "label" his chances of finding a standard job are reduced to almost zero.

Chris' back depicts a monk named Tich Quang Duk, who committed self-immolation in 1963. He sacrificed himself in the name of proclaiming equality in the rights of Buddhists and Catholics. For Heria, a monk engulfed in flames is a symbol of the triumph of the spirit over matter and a sign of the need to be mentally collected.

//  Training program

Chris Heria's channel includes over a hundred training videos, most of which are about burning fat and belly. The level of difficulty of the exercises is advanced. The following exercise program is recommended as a morning warm-up to shape the body and strengthen the core:

1. Dynamic tape

The dynamic board is an alternating design of an elbow board and a board of outstretched arms (without interruption). Your core and abdominal muscles must be in constant conscious tension. Chris reminds you to watch your breathing as you do the exercise. Perform for 45 seconds.

2. Practice Burpee

Burpy combines elements of squats, boards, push-ups and explosive jumps up. Exercise develops joint mobility and coordination of movements, and is also leading in calories burned during exercise. 20 repetitions.

3. Side board with lifting of the thigh

The exercise combines a side board with lifting the hips as high as possible, which allows you to use the muscles of the side press. Maintain a normal breathing rhythm and contract your abdominal muscles as you move up. 25 repetitions on each side of the body.

4. Push-ups with push-ups

At the top of normal floor supports, you should lift yourself off the ground with a pushing motion. However, be careful and cautious when landing - carefully distribute the load on your fingers and wrists. 25 repetitions.

5. Exercise "Rock climber" with turning the legs

The starting position is a board on outstretched arms. Then, due to the activation of the abdominal muscles, the right knee is directed to the left elbow, while it is easy to touch - the movement is performed on exhalation. Then, without interruption, repeat for the left leg. Perform for 45 seconds.

6. Alternative leg lift

Starting position - sitting on the floor, arms as a support. Stretch your legs straight forward, then do alternating lifts with the muscles of the lower abdomen. Make sure that the lower back does not take the load, but the abdominal muscles work. Perform for 45 seconds.

7. Exercise "Boat"

The last exercise is static. The starting position is similar to the previous one. Lift your straight legs slightly upwards, while stretching your arms forward and maximally tensing the core and abdomen. Hold the position. Perform for 45 seconds.

Comments on the program

The presented program, like most other Chris Heria programs, assumes a good level of physical training. If you are just starting to train, it is advisable to start with basic ab exercises - they will help develop the neuromuscular connection between the abdominal muscles and the brain.

Pay special attention to the study of the technique of performing push-ups and boards - despite the fact that they are considered simple, there are a number of rules of technique that must be strictly observed. For example, when doing push-ups, you should observe the position of the shoulder blades - they should not be lifted from behind.

Nutrition and diet of Chris Heria

The best diet according to Chris Heria is 16/8 periodic fasting. This scheme allows him not only to gain lean muscle mass, but also to effectively use the body's energy reserves - by speeding up metabolism.

"Exercising on an empty stomach consumes the extra calories I received the day before. I am sure that all the excess will be spent before I start a new meal. If you get up in the morning and have breakfast first, a new portion of food will fall on yesterday's dinner (leftovers). In the end, then you will certainly face the problem of accumulating excess calories. "

//  Chris Heria - Nutrition:

  • foods with a low glycemic index
  • periodic fasting
  • green vegetables and other fiber foods
  • refusal of fast food
  • giving up gluten

Prohibited and allowed and food

Chris recommends avoiding fast food and industrially prepared foods altogether, as they contain trans fats. It is these foods that cause the deposition of belly fat. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the salt content in the diet, as this provokes water retention in the tissues.

The press preparation diet includes the use of foods rich in fiber - mainly various vegetables and whole grains. Chris pays special attention to the right fats in the diet - he recommends eating eggs, avocados and sea fish (a source of Omega-3 fatty acids). He also includes lentils in six of his favorite foods.

Chris Heria is one of the most popular athletes in gymnastics, promoting the benefits of weight training. The main focus of this type of training is on strengthening the core and abdominal muscles, as well as on developing a sense of balance.


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