Home training for beginners - where to start? The best exercises

Home training for beginners - where to start? The best exercises

Home training for beginners - where to start? The best exercises
Home training for beginners - where to start? The best exercises

The main rule of training at home is to enjoy the exercise. After all, exercise is not only a tool for losing weight or gaining muscle mass, but also a great way to deal with stress.

To train effectively at home, you do not need simulators and special equipment at all - you can perform exercises without equipment, only with your own weight. In turn, strength exercises at home can be done with a special fitness elastic.

//  Training at home - a short guide

Physical training at home begins with scheduling - and developing the habit of exercising regularly, at least 3-4 times a week. In addition, each workout should last about an hour - and the best time will be the first half of the day.

Having a horizontal bar, dumbbells or weights will simplify the task of pumping the muscles of the chest, back and arms. For weight training at home are suitable or exercises with body weight (performed at a fast pace), or fitness bands. In addition, rubber bands are great for pumping the glutes - without straining your knees.

The preparation of a home training program is based on three basics - first warm-up (including the press), then exercises for a large muscle group (chest, back or legs) and finally - working out the arms. Remember that large muscles need about 60-70 hours to recover - that is, they must be pumped every 3-4 days.

Is it possible to lose weight at home?

One of the most challenging tasks of training at home is doing cardio. If you have an exercise bike at home, turn the pedal for at least 10-15 minutes before switching to strength training. Otherwise, running on the spot, jumping rope and boxing in the shade will help.

At the same time, we remind you that weight loss does not start with exercise at all, but with restricting the diet and giving up the most harmful foods. Strictly speaking, cardio is necessary to optimize metabolism, not to directly burn fat.

Home training program

A key rule in home weight training is the sequence of exercises. For example, push-ups should be performed after the board when the chest muscles are already a little tired. This will help increase the effectiveness of the training as it requires more effort. Similarly, back push-ups come after the usual, putting more strain on the triceps.

1. Pull the horizontal bar

Basic functional exercise for developing the muscles of the back, shoulder girdle and arms. Great for both warming up and pumping up muscles at home. For starters, it is recommended to start with 2-5 reps, gradually reaching 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.

2. Exercise "Bicycle"

One of the best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the core and abdomen. The main difference from the classic twists is that not only the abdominal muscles are involved in the work, but also the transverse and oblique muscles of the press.

3. Elbow board

Exquisite variation of the classic board exercise. Helps to improve posture, strengthen the abdomen and develop the shoulder girdle. This exercise should be performed not for the number of repetitions, but to increase the time to maintain a stationary position.

4. Sidebar

Exercise for the development of inclined abdominal muscles. Try to keep your abdominal muscles tense while doing this. In addition, for complication, one leg may be raised.

5. Floor supports

A key exercise for developing the pectoral muscles and strengthening the upper body. The secret of the technique is to push the floor as hard as possible, as if opening your back.

6. Falling on one leg

The main home exercise for the muscles of the front of the thigh and buttocks. As you exhale, lower yourself, keeping your body straight and your abdomen tense. Perform at a fast pace 12-15 times, a total of 3-4 sets. The characteristic burning sensation in the muscles is an indicator of effectiveness.

7. Squats with body weight

Basic functional exercise for developing leg muscles. As you descend, feel the tension in your abdominal muscles. Stand up as you inhale, opening your chest. The use of a fitness band (around the thighs) increases the load on the buttocks.

8. Rear push-ups

Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the triceps, forearms and shoulder girdle. At the top, push your body weight up, over the surface of a bench or chair. Repeat 12-15 times at a slow pace. Burning sensation in the triceps muscles is an indicator of the effectiveness of the technique.

9. Lifting the legs in a supine position

Powerful exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower back and build the lower abdomen. It is performed without detaching the lower back from the floor and with a constant feeling of work of the abdominal muscles - while maintaining the normal cycle of inhalation / exhalation and without holding your breath.

10. Lifting the hips in a supine position

Another exercise for developing the lower abdomen and strengthening the buttocks. As you exhale, lift your hips up, then stay at the top. The advantage of this exercise will be the improvement of posture - in particular the correction of the anterior inclination of the pelvis resulting from sedentary work.

How to train properly?

First, you need to train with maximum efficiency - especially if your goal is to build muscle at home. Try to understand which muscles are involved in order to consciously involve them in the work. Your goal is not the coveted 100 push-ups at all, but the understanding that you know the technique of the exercises very well.

Secondly, avoid mechanical repetition of movements due to inertial force. The exercise should be performed in a slow rhythm and in full compliance with the technique.

Home exercises with dumbbells

The advantage of home weight training is that in addition to large muscle groups, stabilizing muscles are actively involved in the work. Dumbbell training is designed to work together all the muscles in the body, develop functional strength and increase endurance.

In addition, lifting a dumbbell develops coordination of movements and improves the health of the cardiovascular system. The role is also played by the fact that performing exercises with a heavy dumbbell allows you to use the processes of hypertrophy - that is, to fully pump the muscles to increase weight.

In order to build muscles and as a functional training, 12-15 repetitions are needed - while the weight of the dumbbell should be heavy, but it allows you to follow the correct technique.


Home workouts and weight exercises are a great way to strengthen muscles, develop joint mobility and improve coordination. You can also pump the press quickly and easily at home. However, to build great muscle mass at home, you will need exercises with dumbbells, weights or barbells.