Gainer when and how to drink

Gainer when and how to drink

Gainer when and how to drink
Gainer when and how to drink

Often, training alone is not enough for strong muscles. And here the nutritional supplements come to the aid of the athlete. One of the most popular among them are the gainers. We understand what it is, how a gainer works, how to choose it and take it correctly.


As mentioned, gainer is a dietary supplement. It will be useful for those who aim to gain muscle mass. It is not in vain that the word "gainer" is translated from English as "gainer". This supplement has long been appreciated by professional motorcyclists. It is also suitable for those who simply set a goal to pump and gain muscle. The product is high in calories, but this is the case when calories are only useful. A serving of gainer can replace a full meal.

One of the main questions: the composition of the gainer? Such a phrase is often entered in the search engine. In fact, with composition everything is simple. Gainer is a mixture of protein and fast carbs. At the same time, unlike protein foods, there is a minimum of fat. And the protein in the supplement is completely absorbed by the body. It is worth noting that each manufacturer has its own percentage of nutrients in the composition of the gainer, but often carbohydrates predominate. They contribute to the deposition of glycogen in muscle tissue, which means its growth. Gainer in sports nutrition today is considered one of the most effective weight gain products in the world.


Before you take any medicine, the question arises: what is its use and whether it will harm the body. This also applies to gainers. This nutritional supplement is designed specifically for athletes and is classified as safe. In addition to gaining lean muscle mass, the use of a gainer provides a number of other benefits:

  • safe addition of the necessary calories for those who have problems with this task;
  • extra energy, which is so necessary in training;
  • fast recovery after training;
  • Gainer is also useful for the gastrointestinal tract, replacing one of the meals with this supplement, we unload the gastrointestinal tract.


The carbohydrates in the gainer increase the level of insulin in the blood. This allows the muscles to quickly absorb the nutrients they need. Cortisol levels also rise after exercise in the gym. This slows down catabolism and increases muscle mass again. Finally, another advantage of the gainer is the price. Usually this supplement is cheaper than protein.

Whether it is worth taking a gainer, the athlete decides for himself. But first you need to consult your coach and doctor. Despite the fact that the supplement is safe, it also has contraindications. One of them is overweight and slow metabolism. In this case, healthy calories will really be unnecessary for an athlete who wants to see relief, not body fat. Also, before you take a gainer, be sure to consult a doctor. There are a number of diseases in which the supplement should be used with caution.

Is the winner harmful to everyone else? When used wisely, no! However, it should be understood that gainer cannot replace nutrition in general. This will be a good alternative to breakfast, especially if you do not have time to eat properly. But you can't take a gainer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, this supplement definitely cannot be taken in amounts above the set amount. Like any other product in excess, it can harm the body.


Gainers are available in powder form. You can dilute the gainer with water. 300 ml are enough. Also, to accumulate mass, you can make a cocktail of gainer and juice or milk. Someone even adds it to the porridge. What you definitely can't do is pour boiling water over the powder. The water should be at room temperature. In boiling water, the protein will begin to curl, which means that there will be less benefit from such a supplement.

As for the dosage, it is chosen individually for the athlete, taking into account his weight and diet.

The daily dose can be divided into equal portions and consumed three times a day. The question of how to properly drink gainer also depends on the workout. It is recommended to take this supplement in the morning after meals on days when there are sports activities. Then about half an hour before training - it will give strength. It is not recommended to drink gainer just before the gym. There will be a jump in blood sugar, and testosterone levels, on the contrary, will decrease. Half an hour after training, while the so-called "carbohydrate window" is working, another part of the gainer is taken.

On non-workout days, you can split the daily dose in half. And the first we drink after breakfast, the second - in the afternoon, between meals or instead of one of them. For beginners with a weight deficit, it is recommended to take the gainer with food.


Agree, if the winners did not help to win a table, they would hardly enjoy such popularity. This is especially true for male ectomorphs. Weight gain helps weak men who have difficulty developing muscles. If you spend hours in the gym and the powerful relief muscles still remain an unattainable dream - this supplement is for you. With the help of a gainer, the process begins to move faster. However, too rapid growth is not the best indicator. Everything is good in moderation. Therefore, weight should be monitored carefully. If you are thin, you should also avoid increasing the dose in the hope of gaining weight faster.

About whether girls can drink gainer: if there are no contraindications, then why not? The drug does not affect the hormonal background. Among the fairer sex there are those who dream of beautiful muscles. At the same time, it is usually more difficult for women to increase it than for men. However, this supplement can help not only the ladies who do bodybuilding and participate in fitness competitions. Weight gain for girls will help those who suffer from excessive weakness throughout their lives to acquire beautiful shapes. However, even thin girls, when taking the supplement, must not forget that these are serious calories, and the daily calorie intake for women is lower than for men.

It is difficult to calculate how much you can earn from a gainer to the nearest gram. Everything is individual. If we take approximate figures, then the average may be from 3 to 6 kg per month. The result will also depend on the diet and the intensity of the training.


Someone dreams of not gaining weight, while another has a dream of building muscle without touching simulators and dumbbells. It seems that this is the way out - a gainer. But is it worth taking this supplement without training? And what if a winner without training? The muscles will not be accurate. To grow, you must not only drink supplements, but also make an effort in the gym. Without strength there will be no muscles. In addition, muscle mass will weaken. But the fat layer will grow. An exception for taking gainers without sports activities can only be for anorexia, on the advice of a doctor.


Fast carbs are not the best way to end your day. Therefore, as a rule, it is not recommended to drink gainer at night. However, there are exceptions. They concern those who are underweight. In this case, the supplement can be taken at bedtime. This will help you gain weight faster.

As for the question of whether it is possible to drink gainer on an empty stomach, there is no prohibition on using the supplement on an empty stomach. In this case, the gainer can replace breakfast and charge with energy for the whole day.


One of the popular questions: do you need to combine a gainer with other supplements or replace it? Beginner athletes cannot decide which is better - gainer or creatine and whether it is possible to take a gainer with protein. Let's find out.

What is better gainer or creatine?

Creatine is a substance that, like gainer, promotes muscle growth. In addition, creatine increases the athlete's endurance. In addition, creatine can often be found in gainers. Manufacturers have started mixing additives for greater effect. So both gainer and creatine can be taken at the same time.

What is the difference between a gainer and a protein?

At first glance, these supplements are similar. Both contain protein. Both are needed to build muscle mass. So what's the difference between a protein and a gainer? In the first case, it is mainly a protein with little added carbohydrates. By increasing the muscles with its help, the athlete burns the fat layer at the same time. As we remember, the gainer is dominated by carbohydrates. Proper intake of two supplements at the same time can give a good effect. When taken together, gainer is recommended in the morning and after a workout, as well as a protein supplement between meals and before heading to the gym.


Any, even the most harmless drug, has contraindications. In the case of a gainer, this may be an individual lactose intolerance. Also, before you take a gainer, you should consult a doctor for those who have a condition before diabetes. You cannot take the supplement directly with diabetes. If a person has diseases such as hypertension and kidney failure, then you should not take gainer with creatine.


You should also be more careful with those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. As for a disease such as gastritis, then the gainer should not be taken on an empty stomach. Pancreatitis can also be a reason to stop taking the supplement.


In general, the gainer will not harm the growing organism, except for those contraindications that are listed above. But it is better to consult a doctor. It should also be borne in mind that allergic reactions occur more often at a young age.