Choosing a sport for burning fat

Choosing a sport for burning fat

Choosing a sport for burning fat
Choosing a sport for burning fat

It has long been known that only through diet and exercise can body fat be eliminated relatively quickly and effectively . However, not everyone has the ability to strictly limit their diet. In this case, the main focus is on sports activities and this strategy has its advantages. When it comes to burning fat, exercise is really the "engine of progress." In addition, different types of physical activity have different potential. In this article, we will discuss specifically why exercise can help you burn fat and which exercise is the most effective way to burn fat.

Sports for burning fat

Why exercise burns fat Exercise and physical activity have many beneficial effects on the human body and the well-being of its direct owners. As for the process of burning fat, the latter is possible due to the special useful properties of exercise. So why should you choose exercises and weight loss exercises?

The benefits of sports for fat burning

  • First of all, sports will speed up the metabolism. In sports, the blood flows faster through the veins, which means that the time for transporting and absorbing nutrients is also reduced. As you know, a fast metabolism is the key to maintaining a slim figure.
  • Secondly, due to great efforts, processed products, toxins and excess water are excreted from the body. Usually the stagnation of fluids in the tissues and the accumulation of toxins create the illusion of accumulation of fat in the waist, sides and abdomen.
  • Third, the weight loss process is triggered by strength training and aerobic training. The first fills the blood and tissues with oxygen, and the second oxidizes fat cells, thus destroying fat cells. After a workout, the latter will force the body to lose calories for another two days.
  • Finally, regular exercise will normalize the nervous system because it stimulates the production of endorphins ("happy hormones"). People who are in a good mood every day are less likely to be affected by factors that cause quarrels, nor is it necessary to use a lot of food to relieve stress, especially sweet and powdered delicacies.

So it turns out that exercise is the right way to lose annoying pounds, and they are also the best helper for burning fat. Only you should treat the successful training for weight loss and fat burning with a sincere attitude. This is a necessary condition and a 100% guarantee.

What are the best workouts?

If you want to eliminate the accumulation of fat on your body through exercise, you need to choose a set of techniques and consider how many calories one or the other can burn. Let's try to understand which exercises consume the most calories, that is, help to burn fat faster.

  • Squats  . It's a simple exercise, but it's still an effective exercise for strenuous exercise and fat burning. By doing it at a medium or fast speed for 30 minutes, you will be able to burn 200 to 400 calories. There is a formula for calculating the exact rate of fat burning of each person due to squats: you need to find the product with its own weight and a factor of 0.095, and the number of results must be multiplied by the number of intakes.

  • Jumping rope  . A valuable example of an intense exercise to burn fat. An average of 15 minutes of rope exercise can actually eliminate 170-200 calories. But you can't start such a load right away - you have to start every day for a few minutes and then gradually increase the duration of the jump to more than 15 minutes.

  • Hoop exercises  . Many women, faced with the need to lose weight through sports training, choose above all the twisting of the hoop. If you do this for 60 minutes, you can burn 400 to 600 calories. It all depends on how actively you rotate the hoop. In addition, you can increase the process of burning fat, if you complicate the task, do a workout while standing on one leg, for example.
  • Rotate the press  . This sport is very effective for burning fat if you do it regularly, that is, daily and with the right intensity. You can lose 4 to 8 calories per minute. In addition, it is simply necessary to swing the press to work the muscles of the abdomen and waist. For the female body, this sport is simply irreplaceable if you want to have a slim waist and a smooth toned abdomen.
  • Jumping on a trampoline  . Compared to the exercises discussed above, this technique does not give amazing results in burning fat. However, it should also be included in the sports field for fat burning. Jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes, you will lose 40-45 calories. This is definitely not enough. In addition, jumping on a trampoline can increase the strength of the legs, making them thinner and stronger. Coordination is improving.

Jumping on a trampoline

  • Jumping "star"  . By doing this sport, your success in burning fat will be even more impressive. Jumping "star" is done on the spot, and they are so called because their implementation requires compliance with a certain position - arms raised, legs apart. It is not so easy to do this sport, hence the effectiveness of training - the limit of this exercise in terms of fat burning: 10 calories per minute. Excellent result!
  • Dancing  .Dancing movements bring amazing and lasting effects. Zumba and belly dancing are especially successful in this regard. Their rate of fat burning: 200-300 calories per hour for strenuous exercise. In addition to sports activities, dancing can also improve mood, reduce stress, tighten and improve the body, and improve flexibility and plasticity. After all, the dance is very beautiful.

The most effective sports

Now let's get acquainted with the most effective guidelines for weight loss and fat burning exercises. There are many. Which exercises burn fat the most effectively and what should you stop doing?

  • Running  . In other words, the type of aerobic exercise-aerobic exercise. Of all the sports that exist today, running is considered the most effective in terms of weight loss and fat burning. Running at 12 km / h in half an hour will destroy 450 calories. In addition to providing fat burning, running can also strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve physical endurance and make the leg muscles healthy and elastic. Jogging at speeds up to 8 km / h, however, is enough to burn fat. The heart does not have this burden and there is not much fatigue. You burn fewer calories, but you can increase your exercise time. It is practically impossible not to be able to run at high speed for a long time.
  • Swimming  . This is also a good aerobic exercise. However, unlike running, swimming loads all muscle groups, which makes the body lines smooth, flexible limbs and graceful movements. After 30 minutes of swimming you will burn 360 calories. Interval training is especially good for losing weight and burning fat: you need to swim twice, then rest and then exercise. Interval training in any exercise performed at different heart rates is always the most effective way to lose weight.
  • Badminton  . This is not only an interesting, addictive game, but also a great way to get rid of body fat. In half an hour of playing badminton you will lose about 300 calories. Also, get strong legs and a trained lower back.

  • Tennis  . Similarly effective in burning fat. In the same way, it makes the body get rid of 300 calories in half an hour of training. Tennis bonus - you will acquire such useful qualities as agility and quick reaction.
  • Rock climbing  . Not a very common type of cardio workout, but very useful for weight loss. Burning 370 calories in half an hour of serious work is guaranteed. Climbing will also improve your endurance and body flexibility.
  • Cycling  . Cycling is not only fun, but also reduces weight and burns fat, which has many obvious benefits. Turn the pedal for half an hour and 300-400 calories in the body are gone! You will also train the heart and thighs and calf muscles. These are aerobic exercises for exercise and weight loss.
  • Winter sports for fat burning  . These are mostly roller skates and skis for weight loss. The first half hour of training burned more than 250 calories and strengthened the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdomen. The second second will save your body 270 calories and speed up your metabolism several times.

For sports such as basketball, boxing, weight loss and walking, exercise simulators help to burn fat effectively. It is easy to lose weight through exercise because there are so many choices! Stand and make a little effort, you will achieve your goals quickly enough, which will only stimulate your desire to train regularly and improve your appearance and mood! In the end, nothing can improve a woman's mood and self-esteem like the visible results. Exercise and be beautiful!