Aerobic exercise - cardio before or after fitness?

Aerobic exercise - cardio before or after fitness?

Aerobic exercise - cardio before or after fitness?
Aerobic exercise - cardio before or after fitness?

Aerobic exercise - what are they?

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise based on increasing the activity of the cardiovascular system. Aerobic exercise consists of performing physical activities that aim to increase heart rate and improve muscular endurance.

The result of aerobic exercise is to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and increase physical resistance. In addition, cardiovascular exercise stimulates the processes of obtaining energy from food: metabolism.

Sport is the most common type of aerobic exercise. Running, swimming, rowing, jumping rope, as well as a football routine. The HIIT training method   , popular for  millennia  , combines aerobic exercise with high-intensity training.

Most aerobic exercise has a calorie expenditure of 400-600 KCal per hour. So they are the preferred type of exercise in the process of burning fat. However, it is important to remember that the most important thing in losing weight is to eat well.

How to do cardiovascular exercises?

It is generally believed that a large number of calories burned from aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight fast. This logic makes a person run to exhaustion. Which ultimately gives bad results in the long run.

Knowing exactly the heart rate work area you work in when doing aerobic exercise is essential to ensure its continuity. This allows you to lose weight without causing dizziness or other unwanted symptoms. In addition, all cardio exercises should be performed with good technique to avoid joint injuries.

Accompanying aerobic exercise with technology is a good idea. The  heart rate measuring instruments  are ideal to ensure that you do cardiovascular exercise in the area of ​​fat burning.

Aerobic exercise - Dangers

Although some aerobic exercises like  running  and walking have the advantage the only need is to put on your shoes and get started. It can be said that they have a high risk of affecting the joints.

Running and / or jogging with poor equipment, without suitable shoes and on a hard surface can lead to serious injuries. In the same way that you learn to swim properly, the same should be done with the jogging technique.

In the case of overweight people, low-impact aerobic exercises are recommended: elliptical, swimming, rowing. Jogging will put strain on the joints (especially the knees), which over time leads to injuries such as sprains and sprains.

In addition, perform aerobic exercise on a  low-carb diet  or diet; as  periodic fasting  ; may cause dizziness, even fainting. Always consult a professional sports doctor or nutritionist before training on an empty stomach.

Before or after the gym? When is it better to do cardio?

Doing cardio before or after exercising is one of the questions everyone asks when  starting a gym  . The answer: both are valid, the choice depends on the goal you want to achieve.

Do light aerobic exercise before lifting weights; no more than 10 minutes; This is a good strategy for  physical warm-up  . On the day of the feet.

Doing aerobic exercise after a workout is ideal for those who want to mark their belly. Doing cardiovascular exercise with low blood glucose levels is a great  way to lose body fat  .

Performing aerobic exercise, alternating between carbohydrates during the week, is one of the effective methods for burning fat, a favorite of trainers.

Other methods such as  circuit training  ; they make the body work on both the cardiovascular and the muscular system. Although they are not the best grouping idea; allow you to achieve the typical athletic body of fitness.

How to burn fat with cardio?

To burn fat with cardio, the first thing you need to do is  deplete your muscle glycogen stores  . This molecule is essential for the explosive movement of the body's muscles. However, when glycogen stores are high, they block fat burning.

For this reason, it is said that cardiovascular exercise should last at least 45 minutes.

Drinking  sports drinks   before aerobic exercise is not a good idea for burning fat. By adding carbohydrates to the body, the processes of fat oxidation are automatically disrupted.

In fact, it takes about 40 minutes of cardio to remove calories from a Gatorade bottle.

It is important to remember that limiting the consumption of junk food and limiting  excess sugar  is essential for burning fat. In fact, it is more important than aerobics.

To burn fat, it is much more effective to focus on nutrition than to get obsessed with the calories burned in aerobic exercise. Blocking these extra calories will do better than trying to get rid of them later.

Aerobic exercise - tips

1. Doing cardio 10 minutes a workout is a good warm-up strategy

Even if the goal of routine training is to achieve muscle growth; start with a few minutes of cardio. This activity prepares the joints for heavy physical exertion.

2. Alternate carbohydrates during the week

To tone your muscles, it's best to alternate weekly between carb loads on weight training days and low-carb days on aerobic exercise days. This is the key to achieving muscle toning.

3. Measure your heart rate

Your heart rate plays an even bigger role than the type of cardio you do. The number of calories expended when performing aerobic exercise depends directly on the intensity with which the heart beats. In fact, the term aerobic zone refers to the  number of ideal pulsations for burning fat  .

4. Don't overdo it

Exceeding the time is one of the main mistakes when performing aerobic exercise. Although it is a fact that it is important to improve muscle endurance, you should not run 15 km the first week. The process must be gradual, otherwise you will be forced to stay in bed to recover.


  • Aerobic or cardio exercises are sports: running, running, swimming, body gymnastics and more. All allow to improve the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Doing 10 minutes of aerobic exercise before a weight routine is a good strategy for warming up.
  • 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise allows normalization of carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Controlling heart rate during aerobic exercise is essential to achieve better results in losing body fat.
  • Performing aerobic exercise with low glucose levels is an effective strategy for burning body fat. However, this procedure is recommended only for advanced athletes and with the assistance of a professional.


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